Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Make First Appearance Together After Split and Spark Debate

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Make First Appearance Together After Split and Spark Debate

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In a heartwarming display of unity, Jada Pinkett Smith stepped out for Will’s special event, while rocking a bold sheer dress. The couple made their first joint public outing after Jada revealed they had been separated since 2016. Their two children and Will’s rarely-seen son from a previous marriage also joined them for the event.

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Will Smith was surrounded by love and support from his family at the Los Angeles premiere of Bad Boys: Ride or Die. Jada posed by his side in a sheer dress and minimal makeup, making it the first time the couple was spotted together since announcing their separation.

Will’s children, Willow and Jaden, along with Trey, were present. They were also accompanied by Jada’s mother, making it a multi-generational affair. The family shared a moment of togetherness, capturing memories with photographs at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Billy Bennight/AdMedia/SIPA/Sipa Press/East News

The event was nostalgic for Will, who reminisced about the time when “Bad Boys” first premiered and his children were just infants. Seeing them now, grown up and in their thirties, was an astonishing and touching experience for him. Will shared his emotions, saying, “It was beautiful seeing our kids together.”

The family’s cheerful demeanor was evident as they showed affection and joy during the event. This public display of unity was notable, especially considering the recent premiere in Dubai, where Will and Jada maintained a noticeable distance from each other.

Jada, who attended the Dubai premiere, chose to take individual photographs and pictures with the movie’s co-directors rather than with Will. This follows her revelation last year that the couple had been leading separate lives for seven years, having discreetly parted ways in 2016, yet they continued to appear together in public events.

The internet has a lot to say about the couple’s latest sighting, and most are pointing out the same issue. “Not sure why they feel it’s necessary to appear together,” wondered a person. “I don’t know why he still appears with his wife if they are separated… Time to let go and get your life back to normal!” commented another.

On the other hand, some think they are still a thing, “They’re still trying, I don’t believe they ever separated.”

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