10 Back To School Outfits To Start The 2024 Fall Semester

Back To School Outfits

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The summer heat has finally made its exit, allowing a cool breeze to come through and remind us that a new school semester is on its way. Pencils, schedule, backpack – check check check. You’ve purchased all your school supplies now it’s time for the best part of the fall semester – planning your back-to-school outfits. From an incoming freshman to a first-year grad student, the 10 Looks Ahead will inspire you for every class, cram session, and party lined up this semester. 

If you haven’t figured out the perfect first-day ‘fit for strutting down the school halls, now is the time to start thinking about it. You want your look to jump out, but you also want to be totally comfortable and feel like yourself in whatever you end up wearing.

It’s tough to anticipate what you’ll actually need (or want) to wear during the course of a semester, let alone a full year. So I put together a collection of cute interchangeable outfits you’ll want to wear all year!

Whether you’re headed back to high school or off to your first-ever day of college (Eeek!), the following Back To School Outfits will inspire you for every class, cram session, and party lined up this semester. 

1. Button-Downs

This cute and professional look is perfect for those wanting to look put-together but also comfortable all day long.

2. UGG it up

It’s true that you can never go wrong with a hoodie sweatshirt and a pair of Uggs (or Birks). (During midterms and finals, they’re practically the uniform.)

3. Good Basics

Grab yourself a set of basic t-shirts and camisoles for the fall semester. Go for basic neutral colors that you can wear with everything. I’ve linked a few shirts that are soft, comfortable, and long-lasting – perfect for storing in your locker when it gets chilly in the school.

4. Yoga Pants, But Make It Fashion

Just because you’re back in school IRL doesn’t mean you have to leave the stretchy pants behind. Channel “it girl” vibes with these cute yoga sets I linked below. I’ve personally purchased and really enjoyed all three sets – each is incredible quality for the price.

5. Move over Blair Waldorf,

After a full Coastal Grandmother summer by the beach and the tennis courts, you can bring the preppy energy to school by draping a sweater over your shoulders and wearing pleated skirts. Pretty and preppy is where it’s at with this double-layer pleated skirt. It’s fun and twirly, but it’s not the shortest skirt, so it’s OK to wear to most schools.

6. The Go-To Transitional Fit

Fall: the season of chilly mornings and warm afternoons. A classic staple in back-to-school outfits is jean shorts with a white tank – and of course, a baggy sweater for those chilly mornings waiting for the school bus.


7. Bright Basics

Summer vacay may be over, but you can keep the beach vibes going with light-colored sweaters and bright primary colors.

8. Channeling Wednesday

If you’ve been scouring the internet trying to find matches (or dupes) for Wednesday’s clothes, the back-to-school outfit is perfect for channeling our favorite character.

9. Vanilla Girl

Meet: the “vanilla girl.” She’s minimalist, wearing primarily white and cream shades (hello, “sad beige moms”). But this new aesthetic goes beyond clothing — it’s a whole lifestyle that leans into the joys of comfort and luxury.

10. Oh so Barbie

The showdown between the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies was the most-talked-about cultural event of the year – with both raking in billions of dollars during the box office weekend. For those of you with a more bright and preppy approach to clothing, try channeling your inner barbie with this outfit below.

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